PPC Research Tools

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When building a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, it can be very useful to know what your competitors are doing.  Imagine if you can see exactly what terms they’re bidding on, what they’re spending, how long they’ve been running those campaigns, and even what A/B tests they’re running.  You could save immense amounts of money by learning from their efforts instead of having to spend and learn the hard way.

Or from another perspective, imagine the competitive implications if you’ve done all this work and your competitors are learning from YOU!  As you start to think this through, you quickly begin to realize how critical it is to have competitive intelligence for your PPC campaigns.  Below are my favorite resources in this space:

1. Ispionage – See which keyterms and search engine combinations present the best opportunities in your niche.  You can also see competitive score for your competitors to see who is the best, so you know who’s ad copy and landing page to mimic. You can also see their split testing output.

2. KeywordSpy – Review the Google Adwords campaigns on competitors.  They approximate adSpend based on the position an advertiser is in, for each key term they were found to be ranking for.  They also deduce which keywords are working well for an advertiser based on how long they’ve been paying for those key terms.

3. KeyCompete – can tell you which key terms your competitors are using.  Similar service to what espionage and keywordSpy can approximate, but costs are considerably less.

Note – there are many other tools out there in this space (MarketSamurai, SpyFu, etc), but I haven’t used those; only did a cursory review and decided these were the best tools for my needs.