Speaking: SXSW 2014


I went back to SXSW this year to present on the topic of Startup Opportunity Evaluation with Sonya (co-author). We’ve continued to work on developing and refining the strategy frameworks first introduced in The Smarter Startup book, and this was our first opportunity to discuss these new frameworks in public.

The talk was well received and we received universally positive feedback both in person and on twitter. Below is our slide deck and a few video clips from our talk:

In this video I discuss the Startup Heuristics model:

In this video segment, I’m discussing a systematic approach for ideation and evaluation:

Speaking: Book Premiere

sxsw2013This week I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to debut my new book, The Smarter Startup, at South By Southwest, in Austin Texas. The book officially hits the shelves just two days after my presentation and book signing, though Pearson worked with the Convention Center bookshop to make sure the book was available early of the festival.

I didn’t have much time to spend at SXSW this year unfortunately (flew there and back the same day) but the energy level was amazing. The turn out for my talk and the book signing was also not bad. I hope to spend more time enjoying the conference next year.

Below is a video from my presentation and the book signing:

Below is the slide deck I presented at the “book reading” session, prior to the signing:

I also sat down with TechZulu and a couple others to discuss the book while I was there: