Usability Heuristics

Usability Heuristics are a set of principles from Human Factors and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) that provide guidance on creating user interfaces that are naturally intuitive, efficient and satisfying. Jacob Neilson proposed a set of 10 principles that can be used for guiding and evaluating the creation of new user interfaces. Those principles are as […]

Five Pillars of SEO

For anyone who has been involved in SEO for any amount of time, we know that simply creating a page of great content is not going to get you any traffic from Google.  Unfortunately, the relentless Coyote-vs-Roadrunner game that webmasters play with Google has escalated to such a point that it requires a pragmatic appreciation […]

Fast Load Makes For Better Experience

Improving the load time of your user interface can have a direct impact upon the user experience of your application as well as an indirect impact in competitive search engine rankings. We’ve all experienced websites that took multiple seconds to load and required numerous page loads to complete a sequence.  The wait time in aggregate […]

Web User Interface Accessability

When website content is properly structured, it is easily consumed by all devices, whether it be a desktop browser, mobile device, screen reader for the visually impaired (e.g. JAWS, NVDA, Window Eyes),  or a crawler bot. Designing with the degradation of experience to support the least common denominator of a search crawler bot,  your content […]