Timing is Everything

Timing is everything. You’ve likely heard this said many times before, but a clear explanation of why is rarely forthcoming. And, since timing is so important, how can you identify and take advantage of good timing? New opportunities typically arise because of new innovation that either inspires or enables others to enter a market. With […]

The Artisan & The Opportunist

What is likely to happen if an engineer starts a consulting business? What if the person were in business development instead? I’ve seen this story play out more than a handful of times and the pattern has become predictable. To illustrate the outcomes, I’ve written a fable: Once upon a time, there once was a […]

Why Are Some People Lucky?

You are not imagining it — some people truly do have better, more predictable outcomes than others. Some serial entrepreneurs may have several successful hits in a row, and others may struggle through several businesses and never get traction. The popular thought is that if you work hard, you will succeed. This may be true […]

The Hacker and The Hustler

Common wisdom among the technorati and tech Accelerator elite, is that any startup needs to have 2-4 co-founders to be viable.  At a minimum, you need one hacker and one hustler. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack are perhaps the most famous example. If you have the luxury of building upon that, add a designer and […]

Startup Elevator Pitch

Defining the vision for you startup is the first step to taking action. At this stage you’re not implementing anything yet, just clarifying what you’re building and why. You’ll want to account for the critical strategic details and when you’re done, it should be easy to put together a concise 3-5 sentence elevator pitch.

Dharma of Entrepreneurship

In Sanskrit, Dharma means being in harmony with the laws of nature.  I’m sure we’ve heard to “follow your passion”, but why?  I heard an interview with Donald Trump once where he talked about passion being necessary for you to go that level deeper than your competition will, and to feel content when working the […]

Helping Others Is Good Business

This article was originally posted on Inc.com. When you decided to become an entrepreneur, what reasons motivated that decision? For some people it is the opportunity to make a lot of money, the freedom to live by their own convictions, or to live a certain lifestyle. While these are great personal goals, too much focus […]

Lessons Learned In Entrepreneurship

I have gone through the entrepreneurial route twice now, and both times I was able to build a product and sell it in the end.  My first attempt I was fairly successful in driving traffic and sales but second attempt however was more of a challenge.  In that second venture, I invested quite a bit […]