Business Model Archetypes

7 fundamental business types

Product Competencies

Product Management Skills

Product Mgmt Process

Simplified Product Mgmt Process

Opportunity Discovery

Market research & strategic vision

Opportunity Heuristics

Heuristics-based Evaluation

3 Pillars of Product

The 3 pillars of effective product management are: Product Discovery, Product Planning, and Product Development.

Objective-Based Planning

Objective-Based Prioritization Method

Startup Opportunity Discovery

Systematic Ideation and Evaluation

Value Creation Plane

Value-Driven Product Positioning

Product Vision

Vision definition template

Product vision template

Product Vision Template

Product brief template

Product Brief Template Summary – Short 2-3 sentence summary of what the project or initiative […]

Opportunity Brief Template

Opportunity Brief Template Opportunity – What problem does this feature or product address? Customer/Market – […]

Product Requirements Template

Product Requirements Template  

Product Charter

As a Product Leader, how can you setup your Product Management team for success and […]